How to use the Clip Library

This video will give you a quick run through of how to use the clip library. Find out how you can use the clips in different situations, either at your nursery setting, training session or in your lectures.

How can the Early Years Clip Library improve outcomes?

If a picture paints a thousand words, video provides the added dimension that brings theory and concepts to life. Using high quality video examples of theories and great practice to generate thought, discussion and reflection practice is a highly effective method of training. The Early Years Clip Library is a new online resource comprising hundreds of short training film clips covering child development, play, effective learning, provision, effective teaching and specific theories & approaches.

Powerful search and selection facility

These categories provide a powerful search and selection facility that exploit the multidimensional characteristics of many of these videos, making it easy to identify appropriate examples to match the focus of planned development sessions, be it a particular age group, child development area, a specific theory or learning strategy. You can also search all of the clips with either a key word search, or choose from subjects in the search list. It’s easy to identify appropriate examples to match the focus of planned development sessions, be it a particular age group, child development area, a specific theory or learning strategy.

Clips for observation

The video clips are accompanied by written materials and guidance for your training sessions:
  • Good for looking at Highlights of the key areas covered
  • Before watching Notice – points to guide observation of the clip
  • After watching Reflect & respond – points to consider, to reflect upon and pointers to fashion a fashion
  • Further information There are downloadable task sheets, facilitator’s guides, links to references and additional resources

Focused training sessions

Using the clip library makes it a lot easier to have more frequent, shorter and more sharply focused training sessions. You can easily return to any of the individual short clips to reassess and highlight learning points, allowing for more targeted support and the ability to assess impact. Your selection of clips can be saved and reorganised for particular training sessions so your favourite clips and sessions will always be to hand. Tailoring sessions, using the videos with their observation points, reflection discussions and action planning, enables the generation of powerful and effective times of learning. The library lets you focus in very directly to particular points, generating discussion, joint observation and assessment within your teams. The prompt questions provided are very useful for guiding observation without predefining the outcomes. Training is most effective when the learning points come directly from the participants and the clip library encourages this self-directed group learning.

An example training session

As an example: A training session focusing on aspects of practice outdoors could consist of a number of clips, tailored to the needs of various groups. There could be a different focus matched to the experience level of team members by the inclusion or exclusion of individual clips. (Sign up for your free trial to view the video clips below)

Environment and Materials – Outdoors

Introduction to the importance of the outdoors

Environments & materials for supporting physical play

Physical Play

Why do children take risks in physical play?

I want to climb a tree

Creating and Thinking Critically

In the den

Building a path

Pretend Play

The log guitar

Tiger’s can’t actually skip you know!

Group discussion can also be guided from the general to the more specific, maybe considering the wide potential of the outdoors environment for risk taking, gross motor skills, physical activities, emotional development, through to the role of the adult in supporting critical thinking:- scaffolding children’s creativity, their use of imagination and problem solving. Perhaps you can feed this through to consider the interests of your current cohort of children, showing how observation, assessment and planning could enhance provision in the coming weeks to raise expectations of your children’s next steps and achievements.
“Online training resources can be generic and expensive. The clip library addresses both of these issues. We know that it will contribute to raising the quality of our provision and improve the wellbeing, care and learning of our children. We are excited to see the difference it will make.”
David Wright, Owner of Paint Pots Nursery Chain, Nursery World Award Winner of Nursery Chain of the year 2018